Rose Mortuary has a large selection of urns for the cremation oriented family. Urns range in price from $95.00 and go up to whatever one would want to spend. They are constructed of fine woods, metals, marble, plastic and ceramic materials. Urns come in a variety of different styles and shapes,  from large to very small (keepsake) size.  

Keepsake urns are used to meet an assortment of needs. One of the most common needs being that if several family members want to keep a portion of the ashes, then a keepsake urn will fill that need. This is very important especially for large families that were close to the loved one who passed away. They can also be used to keep a portion of the ashes at a separate location such as your office. Another situation is when the main urn is placed in a cremation niche at a cemetery and a surviving family member wishes to keep a small portion for themselves at home. The same applies when the ashes are scattered and a portion is kept for a keepsake memorial.

Rose Mortuary and Crematory is proud to offer custom engraving options for your urn(s). Please contact us at (760) 251-7673 for more information.

All urns listed in our online catalog are subject to availability. If you have any questions, please email or call us at 760-251-7673.

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